Mobile Autonomous Robot

I competed on a team of 4 in MIT's Mobile Autonomous Systems Lab (MASLAB) competition. In one month, we designed, built, and programmed an autonomous robot that could navigate, avoid obstacles, collect balls, and sort them by color. Code for the robot (both the firmware and the higher-level processing) is hosted on my Github: For more information about the competition that year, visit To see more information about our robot, check out our team's summative report.

Virtual Ruler

Chase Lambert and I created a virtual ruler that could measure objects in images taken with your camera phone if you place a credit card next to it for scale. The ruler automatically finds the credit card and allows the user to draw out the dimension he or she wants to measure. The project is still in a pre-alpha stage, but initial results are promising. Code to be hosted on Github soon.

Virtual ruler example

JIF: a new image file format

GIFs are incredibly popular on the Internet, but they are actually an archaic and inefficient image file type. For my final project in 6.344: Image Processing, I designed a new image coding standard called JIF (just to be confusing). JIF achieves better compression than standard GIF without needing a limited color palette. Below, the first Joker is a GIF, and the second is a JIF. Notice how the JIF is smoother and has better color clarity. Check out my report for an analysis of the techniques I used.


Celebrity 2048

I made a celebrity version of 2048 because it always made sense to me that two Jonah Hills would make a Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The code is hosted on GitHub:

Celebrity 2048

Block-stacking Robot

As part of the MIT class 6.141, taught by Prof. Seth Teller, four teammates and I built an autonomous robot that could find and stack colored blocks while avoiding obstacles. Throughout the semester we also implemented different canonical robotics algorithms for areas like localization, mapping, and path-planning. More information on what my team did can be found at the team's wiki page. Unfortunately, MIT certficates may be required to view the page.

Robot before arm
Robot with arm